Keep Organized With Our Home Maintenance Checklist

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Home Maintenance Checklist

Home maintenance can be overwhelming especially if it is something you have put off for several years. If you are a new homeowner or just looking to take more control of your home’s maintenance we have you covered with our 1-page Home Maintenance Checklist

Our Checklist is broken down as follows:

  • Monthly – Items that have the highest frequency but also should only take a couple of minutes per item
  • Seasonally – Items will fluctuate around the seasons with a few common items such as replacing the furnace filter
  • Yearly – Items that will help you avoid larger repair bills down the road by not neglecting a small issue that could turn into a large problem if left unchecked

Pro Tip: Download(link below), print the .pdf file, hang it on your fridge, and check off the items throughout the year!

Download Printable .pdf file

If you have specific questions or need help on any of the above items you can join our Facebook Group for additional guidance. Over 110,000 members will quickly provide feedback to get you rolling on your specific home maintenance projects.


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