How to Program and Troubleshoot a Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Keypad

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Garage Door Opener keypads are a must in my household, not only for convenience, but also for safety reasons.

I used to hate having to close the garage door from the inside, and then having to run so that the door didn’t close on me! It is easy to program and use, has illuminated keys to see at night, is not hardwired, and it is easy to install.

To program your Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Keypad:

  1. Press the “Learn” button on the garage door opener
  2. Enter new code on the keypad
  3. Press and hold the Enter button until light flashes on the opener

Chamberlain Keypads are often long-lasting. However, after years of trouble free operation, your keypad might stop working. Before calling a garage door company or buying a new keypad try the below simple troubleshooting steps.  

To troubleshoot your Chamberlain Garage Keypad:

  1. Check the battery (yes there is a battery) 
  2. Unplug the LED bulbs as these types of bulbs can sometimes interfere with the keypad/controller signal.
  3. Change your code, avoid numbers used in the last code 

Keep on reading as I expand on the programming steps and the three main issues that may occur with these keypads. 

If you are a visual learner we have you covered with our YouTube videos for all the points addressed in this article.

How To Program Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Keypad

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Programming or changing the pin on your wireless Chamberlain Keypad is easy.

Simply follow the steps below

Step One 

Press the “Learn” button on the garage door opener

Learn buttons come in different colors. Note this as the color will play a part on programming your keypad

With the aid of a stepladder, open the light cover, and press the learn button located on the side or back of your garage door opener. 

Now you have 30 seconds to complete the programming!

Once the learn button has been pressed the LED light will turn on. At this point you have 30 seconds to go out to the keypad.

Note – do not hold the learn button down or you will clear all remote controls from the memory of your garage door opener. 

Step Two

Here is where the colour of the learn button will come into play!

On the keypad enter any four-digit code. I do recommend not to repeat a number like using “4444” as this could shorten the useful life of your keypad from the “4” key being pressed so many times.

Step Three

Press Enter!

The number of times that you will need to press the enter button will change depending on the color of the learn button.

  • If the learn button is yellow press the enter button once.
  • If the learn button is purple press the enter button twice.
  • If the learn button is red or orange press the enter button three times.
  • If the learn button is green, press the enter button four times. 

Note – If the code is not entered within those 30 seconds, the keypad will not work and you will need to start again.

Why Is My Garage Door Opener Keypad Not Working?

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If your garage door opener keypad is not working, here a few things you can try to troubleshoot the keypad.


The first thing you should check is the battery. 

It may come as a surprise to you, but the Chamberlain Keypad is not hardwired. Instead, it uses a nine-volt battery at the bottom of the keypad. 

Keypad Not Recognizing New Code

Bulb sometimes can interfere with keypad signal!

If your garage door opener will not respond to the keypad and the keypad has a new battery with the backlight of the keys turning. Then check to see if you have an LED light bulb installed.

If that is the case take out the bulb. Sometimes the bulb can interfere with the keypad/controller signal.

Worn Out Keys

Another issue that may be happening with your keypad is that the keys may be worn out. This is especially a problem if your four-digit code is either the 4 same numbers “111”) or the same two numbers “1212.”

Over time as you repeatedly press the same buttons, eventually they will wear out and will stop working.

To troubleshoot; change your code (see the “How To Program Chamberlain Keypad” section to learn how to change the pin on your pad). Remember to use 4 unique numbers and avoid the numbers you used in the last code.

Side Note – Remember you only need to enter your code to open the garage door. To close it, simply press enter. This will avoid overuse of the keys!

If after trying all the above suggestions your keypad still is not working, I suggest getting a new one instead of calling a professional.

A professional can cost you as much as $150, whereas a new Chamberlain Keypad will cost you approximately $35, that is $115 you can save by buying a new keypad. 

If you buy a new keypad, swapping the old one for the new one is really simple.

As the keypad is not hard wire, there is only 1 screw which needs to be removed.

If you remove the bottom screw under the 9-volt battery you will be able to slide the keypad up and remove from the wall.

This is the only screw that you will need to remove!
Re-use screw with your new keypad

Voila, you have a keypad that works.


Chamberlain garage door opener keypads are some of the best on the market, easy to install, compatible across different garage doors, and last for years out in the elements.

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